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There's a better way to search for real estate in San Francisco. Avant Real Estate Group's new, sleek website has just launched, with a host of features to enhance any real estate search. Starting with an eye-catching new landing page, our new website makes searching for your dream home easier than ever. Right from the main page, you can search for listings from current, up-to-date feeds, see our featured properties, and meet our team.

Our new website also features a brand new “Community” section – showing San Francisco Bay Area neighborhoods at a glance, with statistics on average prices and even a new, interactive polygon map feature that lets you search within the confines of a desired neighborhood.

In addition to user-friendly listings,


It's an often dreaded yearly tradition, but it's essential: filing our annual income taxes. Taxes can be complicated enough on their own, but if you've become a new homeowner this year, the tax filing process can seem especially daunting. It might seem like there are an overwhelming amount of numbers to check, papers to find, and items to deduct to see the full benefit of a tax break. If you're stressing, fret not: we answer some common questions new homeowners have in maximizing new home-owning deductions this year.

Is there a tax credit for being a new homeowner?

There's no tax credit offered simply for buying a new home; however, there are many ways to receive tax breaks by choosing to itemize your deductions instead of taking the standard


It's that time of year again – those months in between packing up the Christmas decorations and pulling out the spring decor, where your home might feel stale and in need of some freshening up. Spring cleaning is a perfect time to refresh your home, declutter, and realign with feng shui. But before all of the stress about cleaning starts, don't fret – we've simplified the process with these 10 hacks to make the process much smoother and simpler this year (and maybe even a little fun?) Read below for the 10 best hacks for tackling spring cleaning and getting your house prepped for a fresh, airy springtime.

1. Time Yourself

Dreading getting started? Set a timer for twenty minutes and tackle one, small project. Giving yourself a time limit will


laugh for lives

AvantSF is proud to support the Asian American Donor Program's 10th annual Laugh for Lives comedy benefit show. The show will take place this Friday, February 24th, at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. AvantSF Sales Associate Venus Zheng will be volunteering at this event, which brings comedians together to increase awareness about stem cell and bone marrow donations. 

The show, which runs from 8-10PM, will feature performers Amir K, KT Tartara, Atsuko Okatsuka, Irene Tu, with MC Jin serving as host. Tickets for this one-time show are still available and are on sale at the AADP website for $25; tickets will be $40 at the door on the day of show. If you can't attend the show, there is an option to make a small donation to the AADP on their


brain talks promo

 AvantSF is happy to be involved with this year's Brain Talks event, happening in San Francisco on February 7th. AvantSF Sales Associate Venus Zheng will be a producer during the event. The purpose of the talk is to “brings us together to talk about the human brain and the way it interacts in our modern world” and is being organized by Mattan Kitchales, the director of content strategy at Meta Augmented Reality. The talk will be held at Upload Collective, a tech-focused co-working space in the heart of San Francisco. 

Not only is Brain Talks all about exploring new technology, but it's also for a good cause. According to the event page, “100% of all contributions and ticket sales will be donated to purchasing clothing and other material goods for


imagine talks

Imagine Talks, the all-day event promoting empowerment and social change, took place on January 14th and was an inspirational day of talks, empowerment, networking, and innovation. AvantSF was proud to be able to sponsor the event this year and to have Venus Zheng serving an instrumental role on the sponsorship committee. In addition to her important work securing many of the event's sponsors, Venus also hosted live videos of the event, which can all be viewed in their entirety on the Imagine Talks Facebook page, along with photos of all of the speakers during their talks. 

The day-long TED-style talk gave experts in tech, entrepreneurship, and other talented artists the chance to share their story and inspirational advice. One particularly emotional


This is part 2 of our article on saving for your dream home throughout the year. Check out part 1 for steps you can take this first quarter. 

Saving to buy a home is no small task; it requires months of planning, budgeting, and researching. Last week, we introduced the steps you should be taking now to ensure you're ready to buy your dream home by the year's end. These include understanding the costs of buying a home, being familiar with your credit score, having a budget outlined, and understanding what you can realistically afford in a home. Have all that down? Great! Here's what you should continue to do throughout the year to make this a resolution you won't quit after spring:  


First: keep up with that budget.


This is part 1 of a 2 part article on saving for your dream home this year.

A new year brings a new set of goals, dreams, and resolutions. 2017 might be the year where you have “save for my dream home“ on that list. Making the commitment to be in a new home by the end of the year is a wonderful decision, but as you know, it's also a huge commitment that requires planning, saving, and spending. It might be overwhelming at first, even seeming impossible. Start by thinking small: focusing on quarterly goals instead of year-end goals will split the planning into smaller, manageable chunks. Here, we cover steps you need to take in the first quarter, which involves taking action to prep your bank and savings account. Begin with these five things:



Avant Real Estate Group is proud to be a sponsor for Imagine Talks, a collaborative event focused on entrepreneurship, empowerment, and inspiring the community to make a difference in the world. AvantSF luxury specialist Venus Zheng is on the committee for the event this year and will be providing live Facebook coverage for the event on January 14th. Venus was also instrumental in securing the event's venue this year, which will be at Pivotal Labs, an innovative software company passionate about changing the world. While on the sponsorship committee, Venus secured other name brand sponsors such as Glico and Itoen, who will be serving up snacks and beverages for the event.

Venus Zheng portrait

Venus joined the sponsorship committee because she is “passionate about


Sometimes, hosting guests can seem more frustrating than fun. This is especially true during this time of year – add in the stress of holiday shopping, cooking, wrapping, and planning, and it's no surprise your home is chaos by the end. The holidays should be a time to welcome loved ones into your home and celebrate the season together. Our hosting tips below will let you focus on the joy of the season as you navigate having more bodies than usual in your home. Read on for our list of what to do (and of course, what not to do) when hosting guests over the holidays.



This is an obvious first, but don't overlook the small touches you can add that make your home seem inviting. Simply clearing out your entryway and


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